K-9 Equine Adaptogen Mushrooms for Immunity

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Mycoformulas Memory

mushroom formula for healthy brain function &support mental clarity...

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Mycoformulas Immune

combines 10 mushrooms containing over 200 polysaccharides...

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Mycoformulas Endurance

antioxidant support for an active lifestyle
without stimulants...

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Mycoformulas are nutritional supplements made with 100% certified organic medicinal mushrooms cultured in the USA. Innovative full-spectrum cultivation techniques harvest the mycelium, fruit bodies, primordia and extra-cellular compounds created during a mushroom’s entire life cycle, producing supplements that almost always exceed the concentration of bioactive compounds found in wild mushrooms or traditional extracts, often by a factor of two or more. Mycoformulas contain less than 2% residual substrate compared to the industry average of 60-80%, and offers 90 Vcaps per bottle–50% more than other leading brands–at a comparable retail price point. Based on best science, you can have confidence in conveying to your customers that Mycoformulas are the most potent full-spectrum organic medicinal mushroom supplements ever produced.